Creative industries research, strategy and advocacy

We foster creative ecologies. Our work empowers communities to leverage the cultural and economic dividends of their creative exertion.

Who we are

Future Tense was founded in 2017 by Jan van Schaik and Leith Thomas from a shared understanding of the value creative practice brings to communities and economies.

Jan is an experienced educator, researcher, and designer.  He is an award winning architect specialising in public buildings, the founder of the WRITING & CONCEPTS lecture series and publications, and a board member of NETS Victoria. He has provided design services, strategic advice and governance to companies, NGOs, community groups and arts institutions both internationally and within the cities and regions of Australia. After hours, Jan collects contemporary art.


Leith is an accomplished communications strategist. His expertise is in the articulation of complex ideas and the facilitation of meaningful dialogue between disparate audiences. He has provided strategic advice, led engagement programs and delivered communications plans for a range of corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations. Leith is also the co-founder of Sabbatical Records, and founding member of the groups True Radical Miracle and Dead Boomers.